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Part of organizational development is organizational growth. A focus on growth is necessary for any business to succeed. Without growth, an organization is doomed to remain the same and then fail in a market that values innovation. Creating growth-centered programs need to contain four V’s in order to be effective: view, viability, vision and value.

The View
The first phase of organizational development requires the organization to have a clear view of the desires and wants of employees. Corporate leadership needs to commit to supporting these types of endeavors. The company needs to define the financial and time investment the necessary changes will require. The goals and values of the organization need to be aligned with the growth goals. The long view of optimistic approaches to growth must be in line with the actual needs of the business for the business to have the best outcome.

The Viability
The second step is for organizations to have a complete and detailed understanding of the needs, desires and wants of learners. This helps in building priorities and strategies for the company and each individuals growth and development targets. This focus and direction needs to be communicated clearly to the entire organization, which requires insight into ability gaps and any organizational challenges. These processes helps to establish how viable your development initiative is, and identifies what opportunities there are to build on the strengths of your current employees.

The Vision
Growing a business requires everyone to be active participants in the learning journey. Through the process, behaviors are changed, and relationships are created. All of the strategies your company is using to inspire growth and change need to be focused on development and drive engagement between employees. These activities are necessary to connect multiple types of development methodologies with the needs of the employees. Employees are empowered through these strategies to use their newly acquired knowledge in critical decisions and business actions.

The Value
The value of the organization is increased after the learnings from the sessions have been adopted by the workforce. Gaining managerial and leadership skills are all skills that can be tracked and measured to determine their value. The mindset of continuous growth and the support of senior staff keeps the company strategy and initiative sustainable over a long period of time. As the learning culture continues to grow and change, day-to-day experiences lead to greater appreciation of the activities. The results are increased job satisfaction, happiness, enthusiasm and improved retention. Recognizing contributions and rewarding successes are all part of a growing organization.