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Artificial intelligence is everywhere nowadays. It’s in our cars, our TVs, our refrigerators, and in many cases our jobs. Some people may try to resist AI, feeling that they do their jobs perfectly fine as they are, but AI can make our lives and our jobs dramatically easier. A common misconception about AI is that robots are going to take over our jobs. While this is a logical fear in some fields, in most it can actually help teams learn and grow while also better servicing their customers.  A lot of businesses are hopeful that the shift towards AI in the workplace will actually create more jobs.

Taking Advantage of AI

Artificial intelligence can help your organization grow in a multitude of ways. AI can gather data for your organization that can help you better serve and understand your customers which in turn will help your organization grow. It can also directly engage with your clients, such as a virtual assistant. AI chatbots have become popular in organizations of late doing things such as screening possible candidates or even assessing employees. There are also ways in which artificial intelligence can be used to help train your employees, whether they be new or someone who has been there for a while. 

You’ll find that screening potential employees before inviting them for interviews is becoming increasingly popular. There are some companies that use “games” which are based around neuroscience to asses candidates before they invite them for an interview. AI can even determine if a candidate is right for the role they’re applying for, and may recognize another role they’d be better suited for. For onboarding of new employees, AI chatbots are popular for helping new hires settle in and getting a hang of daily life at their new organization. 

Of course, AI is not without its downsides so it’s important to think about what works and what doesn’t for your organization. Implementing AI can make your team and your customers weary so you must overcome any trust issues surrounding the topic if you want it to be effective. The key word to remember when it comes to AI is “augmentation”. It’s not that AI will replace humans, it’s that it will augment our experience and help us do our jobs more efficiently, such as AI taking over the more mundane aspects of a job so humans can do the tasks which require more creativity or human interaction. 

Artificial Intelligence is going to continue to change our lives inside and outside of the workplace. It’s important to embrace this change, as it can not only help you and your team grow, but it will allow your business to be the best it can be.